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Is this you?

  • Is your child having massive meltdowns? Confused about why your young child acts the way they do? Whether it's tantrums, acting out, or retreating into a shell.
  • ​Are you and your spouse fighting over parenting expectations and approaches? Struggling to find a balance between being too strict and too lenient? Looking to strike that balance and agree with your spouse (mostly, at least)?
  • Chaos, stress and anxiety at home?: Is your daily routine filled with chaos, stress and anxiety? Are you dreading morning, after school time and bedtime?
  • Have you tried everything?: Have you tried many different strategies and techniques without success? Have you read all the parenting books and still feel lost?
  • Is your child disrespectful and refuses any request?  Making your day to day life impossible and setting limits a constant battle?

Presenting Maria the Family Coach

Online Parent Coaching and
Family Play Sessions Program

What Do I Do Now?
In the Spring of 2020 I reluctantly moved my licensed clinical play therapy practice fully online. To my surprise I was able to connect really well in co-sessions with young children and their parents online. This led to a new and totally unique approach to play sessions and parent coaching and to a truly innovative ways to help families heal! Parents gain the skills to help their child cope with anxiety or low self esteem.
​"Play With Me!"
​Young children began inviting their parent into our play sessions. I decided to slow down and emphasize parent and child connection skills and teaching these mini-skills to parents in real time Parent and Child Play Co-Sessions.

Parenting Support
Together in our Parent-Only Sessions you learn how to lead your family, how to meet your child's needs creating an atmosphere of less stress in your home.
The result of combining Family Play Sessions and Parenting Support in a short set of a few sessions is totally unique and life changing.  

Create the Family Life You LOVE

 My 1:1 family coaching program helps you parent in a way that is effective at helping your child communicate and verbalize emotions. You learn tools and skills to support your child cope with BIG feelings. As well as learning how to get your child's respect that doesn't rely on time outs and punishments. Creating a peaceful home life. 




What Parents Are Saying

Maria is amazing!
Exactly what I was looking and hoping for. She gives direct answers and delivers it in a nonjudgmental way.
​I am a better parent and I have better boundaries in my life too, and I don’t feel bad about it! Quite the opposite! Maria will help you get through it and learn some tools to enjoy yourself too!
-Mom of 8 year old boy

Maria has been invaluable to our care team for our son. She has been insightful, and intuitive in her approach and relationship building with not only our son but with us, as the parents. She has provided numerous resources in addition to guiding us to necessary reading to help provide skill building in assertive parenting. I have recommended her to other parents in our community due to her expertise.

T.P. (Fully Virtual Client with a Four Year Old)

I can't even count the number of times our staff says "Maria said" when in discussions for how to best support students. Maria's expertise, practical ideas and solutions to even the most challenging scenarios were both informative and empowering for our staff. She is warm, funny and empathetic in her approach to helping schools. Steamboat Montessori is eager to have her return!

EB, Steamboat Colorado

The parenting tools were spot on and really helped solidify our family dynamic. It is hard to walk the gentle parenting line without being overly permissive or feeling like you're butting heads all of the time. Our son really enjoyed the play sessions. He was disappointed when it was over and considers Maria a friend.

Maria helped him understand that it's okay to take time to himself and feel more centered. Our son is calmer and less vigilant at all times. He seems to have relaxed and is able to be the wonderful child he has always been. I feel more confident as a parent knowing we are doing what is best for all of our boys.

Maria was so helpful. She understood everything we were working on and had the best advice for how to parent our son, age 4 in a positive way that not only made our son feel more in control but also us as parents feel more in control.

AK, Oregon

Maria brings a joyful and confident presence, offering concrete suggestions for gaining cooperation from children. She is a great listener, and works with specific issues that parents bring to the table. She is able to bring new perspective to the most intractable situations, and offer parents ideas for successful interventions.

Isolde Stewart, Colorado

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Maria Arias

Specializing in working with parents of intense young kids ages 4 to 7, Maria draws from 3 decades of nerding out on human development, relational dynamics, the power of family and spirituality and from helping 100's of families like yours. 

​The pandemic of 2020 took her work online and she found she possessed a strong skill set and a unique gift for connecting to young, sassy children AND their parents online!

The sessions transformed into Maria teaching parents the skills to deeply connect through PLAY and through that get to know their child better and become a stronger family!
Love Your Family Life!

From her humble beginnings as a teacher's assistant in a Montessori school to becoming a licensed professional counselor, Maria Arias has traveled an extraordinary journey. Her life experience is woven into her work, making her an expert in child development.


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Phone: (817) 720-0225
​Email: maria@mariathefamilycoach.com

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