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Maria the Family Coach

Family Coaching Signature Package

For parents of young children who are struggling with really intense emotions and behaviors.
Have you tried everything?
Are you finding yourself yelling way more often than you'd like?
Would you like to be able to comfort your child? But you're getting tantrums and aggression instead?
Are you looking for a deeper connection that will improve family relationships at home?

Working with Me

Discovery Call:

  • ​20-minute introductory call to understand your child's current situation and challenges.
  • ​Explore the impact of the child's behavior at home, school, and with friends.
  • ​Discuss previous strategies and interventions that you've tried.
  • ​Identify reasons for seeking coaching and define the desired outcomes for your child and family.
  • ​Share the "Seeing Your Intense Child More Clearly" parent resource guide.
  • ​Provide initial guidance based on our call.

Mapping Your Parenting Path

  • ​This is your first step in your journey.
  • ​A 1.5-hour session for parents only. We will add the kids later on in the immersive. This is your time to speak openly, sharing your challenges and hopes for your family.
  • ​You will receive coaching on the Nervous System of children and how to help build crucial executive skills.
  • ​You will learn what it takes to achieve parenting that is “Just Right” (not too soft, not too strict) and tools to use every day!
  • ​Get your confidence back to lead and comfort your child!

Parent and Child Play Coaching Sessions

  • ​​8 interactive online sessions.
  • ​No special equipment needed, we can use what you already have in your child's toys and art supplies.
  • ​Experience sessions with guided coaching in real time enjoying collaborative artwork, listening exercises, and relationship-building games.
  • ​Explore your challenges through play and addressing sensory issues, emotional themes and relationships.
  • ​I will coach you in play skills to increase regulation skills, nervous system awareness and regulation.
  • ​Increase coping skills, assertiveness, empathy, and the building blocks of conflict resolution.
  • ​Finally, focusing on integrating skills in every day life and practicing saying goodbye in healthy ways.

Weekly Check-in Included

  • ​After every play session, we will meet to review progress.
  • ​Receive 1:1 ongoing guidance and support to continue to reinforce new skills.
  • ​Share your questions and wins!

Follow-Up Chat

  • 4 weeks after the immersive we will catch up to review how it is going.
  • ​We will check in on continued progress.
  • ​I will offer targeted support and suggest what are the next best steps for you and your family. This piece is key!

Ongoing Support

  • ​You will have the opportunity to schedule additional sessions in short sets as the need arises to address new issues, ongoing challenges or to maintain progress.

Why an Immersive Program?

The program is designed for maximum impact and progress, leveraging frequent sessions and immersive experiences to support the child and parents.

Program Details

  • Duration: 10 sessions
  • Included: 1.5 hour Parent Only Session. 8 Interactive Parent and Child sessions , 1 follow-up parent 4 weeks later.
  • ​Format: 1:1 Online Coaching Session with me, Maria The Family Coach
  • ​Instructor: Maria Arias, a certified expert in child psychology and parenting techniques
  • Included Materials: Parent Resource Guide

Total VALUE: $5,999


Coaching outcomes

  • Enhance Your Parenting Skills: Gain a deeper understanding of what works for you! Including building executive skills. Feel more confident in facing challenging behaviors and understanding your child's development.
  • Improved Child Behavior: Witness positive changes in your child's behavior both at home and in social settings almost immediately. Developing strategies to co-regulate their nervous system and engage in healthier interactions.
  • Stronger Family Connections: Foster a stronger bond with your child in my interactive play sessions. Learn how to communicate better, practice empathy, and engage in collaborative activities that promote reciprocity and relationship-building.
  • Effective Conflict Resolution: Acquire tools to navigate conflicts and repair relationships after disagreements. Teach your child essential skills for assertiveness, empathy, and problem-solving, contributing to more ease in your day to day family life.
  • Enhanced Family Dynamics: Experience a true transformation in your family dynamics as you implement these new techniques and strategies. Create a positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and understanding for all family members.
  • Confident Parenting: Feel more self-assured in your parenting role. Receive personalized guidance and support that empowers you to address your challenges and make informed decisions about your child's well-being.
  • Applicable Techniques: Learn practical and actionable techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routines. Apply these tools to real-life situations, for consistent and lasting change.
  • ​Optimized Child Development: Support your child's holistic development, including cognitive, emotional, and social aspects. Help them acquire vital life skills that will serve as a foundation for their future growth and success.
  • Effective Nervous System Regulation: Equip your child with the skills to regulate their nervous system, manage stress, and navigate emotions, leading to improved emotional intelligence and real resilience.
  • Empowered Parenting Approach: Embrace a proactive and informed approach to parenting. Gain the knowledge and tools to guide your child's development while nurturing their individuality and strengths.
  • Sustainable Progress: Benefit from a structured program that promotes rapid progress through immersive sessions, allowing for meaningful changes within a relatively short time frame.
  • Continued Support: Have the option to maintain an ongoing connection with Maria for continued guidance and support, ensuring sustained progress and the ability to address new challenges as they arise.

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