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Parenting Essentials

1.5-Hour Coaching Session for Parents

Would you like to understand your kids without having to get a psychology degree? Have you done ALL the things in the parenting books but you can't get it right. Something is missing?
In my Parenting Essentials 1.5 hour session you get 1 on 1 LIVE parent coaching with me.
No embarrassing group sessions.
No prerecorded videos.
Conveniently ONLINE
Check in 6 weeks later to walk it out together.
*Love it or your MONEY BACK, no questions. 

What You Will Achieve

  • Understanding Your Kid Inside Out: Let's chat about what makes your kiddo tick, so we can come up with game plans that really fit them.
  • Soothing Nervous Systems and Getting Executive: Get the basics on how your little one's brain works, and pick up some tips on helping them gain those big-picture skills.
  • Embrace Presence Parenting: Be the parent your kid needs. BE YOU! We'll chat about why your child gets hyper and how to respond as yourself.
  • Visual Routines and Being Assertive: Time to get creative with schedules and be confidently assertive. Let's figure out how to make those routines stick.
  • Empowering Positive Changes at Home: Get armed with tools to shake things up at home for the better. We'll work on better tactics, more understanding, and smoother teamwork.
  • Boosted Confidence in Your Parenting: Leave feeling centered and ready, equipped with truths and tips tailor-made for your awesome kid.

Session Details

  • Duration: 1.5 hours and a BONUS 6 week follow-up
  • ​Format: One-on-one coaching session fully online
  • ​Instructor: Maria Arias, a certified expert in child development and parenting tools
  • ​Investment: $325
  • ​Included Materials: Comprehensive Resource Guide for continued reference


Why Choose Parenting Essentials?

This session is more than a traditional coaching experience. It's a roadmap for your parenting journey, filled with personalized insights, hands-on guidance, and practical tools that you can apply immediately. 

How to Get Started

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3. Prepare for Growth

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